TE-Software can support all your computing needs.

Call us for technical support on all software and hardware issues. Our standart hourly support rate of NZ$70+GST applies. We can arrange house visists in the Coromandel area or service your computer at our office.

Remote Online Support:

We recently have introduced a new way of assiting you on-line. This option is best for clients who have a functioning broadband connection.

This is how it works: Download a remote assistance software called te_support.exe below and save it to your desktop. Then call us (use a mobile or phone line that is not used by your modem if you do not have broadband) and we will instruct you to run the software. We can then remotely operate your computer as if we were sitting next to you. You can watch us move your mouse pointer around and operate your computer. This is ideal for remote tutoring, trouble shooting and assistance.


Our standart hourly support rate of NZ$70+GST applies for online support.

The remote assistance software is made by Ultra VNC.