We can repair most computers and solve most hardware or software related issues.

In order to give you a quote on the time and parts required to repair you computer we will need to know details and inspect your system. Our minimum inspection fee at our office is NZ$35+GST. The most cost-effective way is to bring your PC to our office, otherwise a callout fee or travel time may apply.
In our office we can make use of our broadband Internet connection to draw on information form your PC manufacturer or download updated software or diganostic tools that can aid us in the repair.

Typical repair scenarios are exchange of faulty components such as hard drives, CD-Rom and Floppy drives, video boards or memory chips, re-installation of software or opertaing systems and the removal of viruses and spyware. In most cases we can conserve the data on your PC, however we can not guarantee this. It is always prudent to keep a backup of your most important files!

If you want to bring in your computer, please have all your original software installation CD's handy, especially your operating system CD. (Mostly this will be Windows XP, 98, ME etc). We will also need the Driver CD that came with your system. It contains important drivers (software components) that are unique to your PC.

Often a complete Re-Install of your operating system and software will be the most economical way to repair a messed up or deeply infected (with spyware or viruses) computer.

If you do not have your driver CD then we can research and download missing drivers from the Internet. However this can be very time consuming and costly, especially for older computer hardware, were the manufacturer no longer maintains support files on the Internet.

If you do not have an Operating system CD then we can not re-install your operating system. In this case it can become very difficult to proceed in an economical manner. The earlier Windows operating systems can no longer be purchased from Microsoft and if your computer is older, an upgrade to Windows XP may be impossible or not recommenced. In this case we might suggest to purchase a new computer instead.

Hardware repairs are charged at our rate of NZ$70+GST per hour. You can set a limit of how much you would want to spend on your computer and we will let you know if in our opinion we can repair it for this budget. However often new problems become apparent later during the repair which can make a revision of the repair budget necessary. We will inform you promptly if the original estimate needs to change.