We proudly sell New Zealand assembled Desktop PCs!

All our new PCs are assembled in New Zealand and are custom configured by TE-Software for your needs. All systems come with a one year back to base warrantee. All systems are available on hire purchase if required.

The advantage of buying locally assembled PCs: Your computer is made from standart parts. Any repair shop in the country can upgrade or repair these systems. You are not loocked into expensive spare parts as with many brand name computers. You pay for the quality of the components and not for the brand name.

You have a wide range of CPU and upgrage options, including memory upgrades, hard drive upgrades or the latest video boards for the Gaming enthusiast.

We offer a wide range of LCD and LED monitors.

Basic systems can be configured for as low as NZ$8000 + GST! However most customers budget around NZ$1200+GST for their new pc depending on the options and additions that are choosen.

Call us for a quote as prices are subject to change. All systems come with one hour free install and delivery (within Coromandel Town area).

We can also configure PC Servers for your office needs. There is a wide range of options available from entry level servers to fast servers for larger workgroups or computing intensive applications.

We can deliver your system with the LINUX operating system installed upon request.

Upon request we install a popular hard drive backup option into your PC. This will allow you to keep an identical copy (clone) of your computers hard drive so that you can carry on your work in the least amount of down time after a failure. This also allows you to keep your backup hard drive in a remote location to avoid total loss of your data in case of an office fire or theft of your PC.