We can supply components and spare parts for all PCs and most notebook computers

Popular components and upgades are:

  • Memory upgrades: One of the most efficient ways to make your PC run faster. Modern applications require more and more memory to run smoothly. Your PC should have at least 2 GB Ram for Windows XP and Windows 7 and 2GB. Memory upgrades vary greatly in price depending on your PC.
  • Hard drives: Older PCs were made with slow and small hard drives. Some of the older models rotated with only 5400 RPM which is much slower than todays 7200 RPM standart. This makes them slow. Also older hard drives are prone to developing 'bad blocks'. These are defects on the hard drives magnetic surface. These defects can result in data loss and data corruption and can drastically slow the performance of your PC. A decent modern hard drive can be had at around NZ$125 for a 500BG drive which is big enough for most personal use including work with photos, music and video with drives up to several TB (Terrabyte)now available.
  • Solid State Hard drives (SSD): Solid state hard drives are the next generation of storage medium. They function without moving parts and store information in semiconductor memory. Their access speed is significantly faster than standard mechanical hard drives and will vastly improve the speed of your computer. SSD drives can be installed in PCs and Laptops. Especially in Laptops SSD are becoming the new norm for storage. They also consume less power than mechanical drives and will extend the battery run time of your laptop. Call us for competitive upgrades to SSD drives including data transfer.
  • Accessories: We sell all sorts of accessories from Mice and Keyboards to I/O cards such as USB ports or FireWire ports to extend the capabilities of your PC.